Stop Complaining,
Start Engaging Gen Z

Powered by 25 years of leadership in workplace engagement, Dulye & Co. introduces professional development services customized for Gen Z success.

  • Spectator-Free™ Assessments use hard data to pinpoint inefficient onboarding practices in your organization and present innovative strategies that meet new hires’ unique developmental priorities.
  • Show Up, Speak Up, Step Up Job Readiness Boot Camp features innovative training, portable tools and practical techniques to develop professional presence, communication skills and rapport in today’s complex multi-generational workplace.

Stop complaining. Take action to change with Dulye & Co.’s Classroom to Office Game Plan for Gen Z.

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Our surveys won't leave you in a data fog.

Unique to our measurement approach, we go beyond the numbers and provide a qualitative data report with employee feedback PLUS sharp analysis of all results PLUS a customized action plan for communicating and acting on the data–strategically and swiftly. Click here to see what you've been missing.

End the Epidemic, Revive Relationships with
Conscious Connectivity©

U.S. Surgeon General has affirmed what Dulye & Co. has been advocating for 25 years: human connections can't be shortchanged.

The consequences of doing so are life threatening.

"(We) have an obligation to make the same investments in addressing social connection that we have made in addressing tobacco use, obesity, and the addiction crisis," Dr. Vivek H. Murthy writes in his report "Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation" released May 2.

"If we fail to do so, we will pay an ever-increasing price in the form of our individual and collective health and well-being."

Since launching in 1998, Dulye & Co. has focused exclusively on building meaningful human connections in organizations. “Every strategy, tool and training that we've developed and delivered have shared the common goal of bringing people together through conversation that enables learning from and about each other,” says Linda Dulye, president and founder.

No longer can organizations consider team meetings and other two-way communications practices as nice to do when time, funds and interest permit. Conversations are a daily essential. As the Surgeon General’s research attests, they improve individual and collective well-being.

Managers and their team members need to connect every day for 10 or 15 minutes–whether in person or with cameras on using remote technology–to share information, ask questions, listen actively and have real conversations.

The consequences for failure to build human connections are more serious than ever.

Take action to build a healthier, happier and more productive workplace with our Conscious Connectivity© training and tools.




Leadership expert Peter Cappelli of The Wharton School advises companies implementing return to office initiatives to "change expectations for the next cohort of new hires by requiring that they all be in the office." (June 7, 2023 article/Human Resource Executive)

A structured onboarding program will contribute to new hires' introduction, especially new grads launching their professional careers. These workforce newcomers have been COVID-stunted in their skills for creating conversations that build real human connections.

Dulye & Co.'s Crusade for Conversations features tools and techniques for bringing people together to create powerful first impressions and positive team building experiences during onboarding. Our 5-Point Conversation Compass™ guides managers and employees to comfortably start, build and expand conversations that build trust, respect and collaboration.

For 25 years, Dulye & Co. has created Spectator-Free Workplaces™. We're ready to help your in-office crew get connected.

To schedule a conversation on how the 5-Point Conversation Compass™ can strengthen connections at your company, contact Dulye & Co. President Linda Dulye at

Linda and her firm’s Crusade for Conversations are featured on the popular It’s About To Go Down! with Marc and Cathey podcast. Click here to view.




  • Deborah Gallant
    "Our class of budding entrepreneurs is always inspired by Linda (Dulye)'s class on presentation skills.  She creates such a positive, encouraging energy and helps them tell their story as effectively as possible.  We are so lucky to have her as a teacher – 4 times now and counting."
    Deborah Gallant
    Executive Director, EforAll Berkshire County
  • Lynda
    “Linda's ideas and attitude brought some light into the unknown future.”
    Northwestern Publishing House
  • Cheryl
    “New and innovative ideas about how to deal with so many different dynamics and situations that we are facing.”
    SMA Architects
  • Anastasia
    “Linda Dulye is a great, engaging speaker. I appreciate that she used her slides as talking points rather than recite the words as they are shown.”
    Rivet Works, Inc.
  • Cheryl
    “I like the examples of how to overcome the obstacles presented with working remotely. There was language to express the feelings and an understanding that many were having shared experiences. Also, the confirmation that what worked in the physical workplace may not work remotely.”
    TechSoft Systems
  • Basia Pokorny
    "I loved Linda's presentation! Her energy made it engaging. She sounded passionate in what she was sharing with the audience.  Linda Dulye was a burst of energy and had simple ideas that you could implement immediately.  It was great to put her between two more content-heavy presentations.  I thought the presentations were relevant and especially loved Linda's presentation. It definitely hit home.
    Basia Pokorny
    Director of Marketing, GCG Financial, LLC
  • Steve Payseur
    “This has been a great experience working with Linda Dulye and Nicole Laureyns. The experience and ideas you brought to the table to help understand our root causes of the low Q12 survey were nothing short of exceptional. Not only did you help drive data collection, you also helped formulate an action plan to correct the deficiencies. My hats off to you all, we could not have done this without your help.”
    Steve Payseur
    Senior Engineering Manager, General Dynamics Mission Systems