Whether entering a small organization or multinational company, a new hire’s success hinges on effectively connecting and communicating with others–online and in person. Unfortunately, most Gen-Zers are unprepared and overstressed by scores of uncertainties: how to collaborate, how to ask for help, how to contribute during meetings, how to network and more.

Dulye & Co.’s Show Up, Speak Up, Step Up: Job Readiness Training for Gen Z delivers the fundamental interpersonal, critical thinking and communication skills for successful transition from the classroom to office. Participants gain knowledge, tools and techniques to develop their professional presence, make informed decisions and build rapport with multi-generational co-workers, executives and customers.

Designed for in-person delivery, our Job Readiness Training for Gen Z features four core modules that advance NACE-prioritized competencies:  

Module 1: 

Show Up: How to Project Your Best Self in the Workplace

This module builds awareness of traits that make your personal identity truly unique and how to convey them through a strong professional presence. Using Dulye & Co.’s acclaimed 3V Model for Visual, Vocal and Verbal Projection, participants learn techniques for effectively communicating and demonstrating their abilities at work. Discussion examines why appearances matter and how to create positive impressions in virtual and in-person settings, as well as in resumes and social media.

Module 2: 

Speak Up: How to Prepare for and Participate in Effective Meetings

This module guides participants to use Dulye & Co.’s 5-Point Conversation Compass™ to plan and conduct successful meetings and one-on-one conversations that have a clear agenda and purpose, effectively use time and build relationships. Through immediate exercises, participants gain practice in asking open-ended questions, sharing ideas and actively listening to convey interest and understanding. Discussion explores why preparedness, punctuality and follow-through produce useful results.


Module 3:

Step Up: How to Take Initiative to Grow a Network and a Career

This module introduces the concept of career ownership and how to take responsibility for one’s professional development. Participants learn how to proactively seek and create opportunities at work and in community volunteerism to gain skills, knowledge and experience. Discussion addresses the value of professional networks, and how to use and grow them for job advancement.

Module 4: 

Personal Action Plan: How to Stay Ahead of the Pack

This module gives participants experience in self-evaluation for setting career goals and steps to achieve them using Dulye & Co.’s disciplined Action Planning Tool. Discussion raises the importance of alignment and how to connect goals to your job and employer’s success. Participants select an accountability partner to share their Personal Action Plan and establish a schedule for periodic check-ins to keep moving forward.

This innovative training is essential for:

  • College career centers
  • Employer onboarding programs
  • Workforce development programs
  • Certification programs at professional organizations 
  • New manager development programs

Ideal candidates are college students actively pursuing internships or employment, first-year hires with an employer, and Gen Z employees being groomed for a supervisory role or project leadership. Training is sized for cohorts of 20, enabling participants to meet new colleagues, form new relationships and gain constructive feedback. 

Our Job Readiness Training for Gen Z is designed for in-person delivery of four modules, each running two hours and featuring small and large group discussions, practice exercises that engage all participants and personal coaching from Dulye & Co. Job Readiness trainers. To maximize impact, we recommend a consecutive, two-day learning immersion with morning and afternoon sessions.  

Let’s connect and discuss how to integrate Show Up, Speak Up, Step Up: Job Readiness Training for Gen Z into your programming. Contact Dulye & Co. President Linda Dulye at