Polish Your Brand to Create Meaningful Connections

Relationships are essential for personal and professional success. Whether you are onboarding with a new company or moving into a management role, you need a strategy for proactively connecting with others with your personal brand.  

This highly interactive workshop provides practical steps for building and communicating a personal brand, in person and virtually. Participants gain self awareness of their unique skills and how to project their value to a colleague, boss and customer. 

Our Polish Your Brand game plan is readily applicable for creating the positive impressions that open doors to meaningful relationships. Learn what a strong personal brand can do for your career and the organization where you work.

Completion of this two-hour workshop will boost competencies to:

  • Understand the main elements of personal branding
  • Improve self-awareness of how and what you project
  • Leverage social media to advance your brand
  • Align the 3Vs of brand image–your verbals, vocals and visuals
  • Develop a core brand message for resumes, elevator speeches and profiles
  • Recognize well-known brands and decipher what makes them stand out
  • Build an authentic reputation that earns the trust and respect of others.