One-on-One Leadership Coaching

We offer compelling coaching that develops the knowledge and capabilities for leading others. Using self-assessment tools, we establish baseline developmental needs for cultivating and conveying a professional presence and for creating strong connections with direct reports. 

Collaboratively, we set goals that support personal–as well as organizational and operational–goals for on-the-job success. Guided by a development plan, our one-on-one virtual and in-person practices include shadowing, real-time constructive feedback and customized learning resources. 

Capabilities that we target for improvement include:

  • how to align key messages with company goals and create line-of-sight connections for team members
  • how to engage team members’ constructive feedback and mutual support of co-workers
  • how to ask open-ended questions that help you learn from and about others
  • how to hold team members accountable for follow-up and deliverables
  • how to give constructive performance feedback
  • how to give meaningful recognition
  • how to promote collaboration and relationships within the team
  • how to actively listen without multitasking and applying bias
  • how to delegate responsibilities in ways that show that you trust others and care about their career growth and success

Ideal for new, rising and experienced leaders at all levels, we help our clients cultivate the mindset shift for being in charge of more than yourself and for making self-development a daily exercise.