The dispersed workplace has taken a hefty toll on team communications. Dulye & Co. research reveals going hybrid has hijacked the frequency, interaction and overall effectiveness of team meetings. The toll has throttled employee morale, feelings of belonging and being valued, and collaborative exchanges. 

Our Never Lead a Bad Meeting training helps organizations seize the full dividends of effective team meetings as a magnet for creating connections in fully remote, in-person or hybrid settings. Mindsets and skills are broadened by our innovative curriculum that helps managers and team members together create engaging experiences–not static events–that promote collective purpose, clear direction and accountability.

Application of our Trifecta Meeting Model improves managers’ skills and preparedness for creating inclusive team meetings with 2, 22 or more. Ready-to-apply techniques combine engagement and meeting management practices that are fundamentals for building a Spectator-Free Workplace™.

Participants learn how to:

  • Adopt a disciplined process for conducting meetings that are productive, engaging and supportive of team growth
  • Collaborate with team members in developing agendas with specific topics, discussion times and advance questions
  • Use ground rules and inquiry techniques to get everyone talking, not just one or the same few
  • Inject icebreakers and social features that foster team building and fun
  • Improve time management so that meetings start and end on time, and stick to  agendas
  • Create PowerPoint slides and meeting materials that promote learning and idea exchanges
  • Establish and delegate shared roles for team members to support meeting management
  • Stay on topic by mitigating disruptors and disruptions
  • Engage the team to regularly evaluate the experience and outcomes of their meetings–and adjust for improvements.


Our training is designed for live, virtual delivery via Zoom with groups of 20 participants. We work with intact teams from the same business area or location, as well as diverse teams with representation from different roles, responsibilities and experience levels. The learning experience for participants is elevated by breakout exercises, interactive discussions and practice sessions.


To customize delivery of Dulye & Co.’s learning and development programs for your organization contact Linda Dulye, Dulye & Co. President, at