Never Lead A Bad Meeting

Never Lead A Bad Meeting

In today’s fractured workplace, building and maximizing team connections is a challenging essential. Team meetings have tremendous potential for being a valued and valuable practice for bringing employees together to share ideas, information and high-fives. Unfortunately, the majority fall short. 

Dulye & Co. research indicates the arrival of the hybrid workplace has negatively impacted meeting effectiveness. Inconsistent and inadequate in frequency, unfocused, scattered engagement, and no ground rules to guide use of virtual technology rank among top reasons.

Our Never Lead a Bad Meeting training takes a comprehensive approach to create experiences, not events, when team members convene in hybrid, all remote and in-person settings. Mindsets and skills broaden to thoughtfully prepare for meaningful exchanges–and to keep momentum and accountability flowing well after the meeting concludes.


Our curriculum delivers ready-to-apply techniques for establishing shared ownership of team meetings, a catalyst for creating a Spectator-Free Workplace© where team members and managers share responsibility for planning and executing an inclusive, informative experience. Exercises and tools show participants how to increase the quality of interaction and outcomes. 

Our training improves skills and preparedness for leading meetings with 2, 22 or more. Concrete takeaways for instant application include how to:

  • Develop a concrete agenda with clear outcomes 
  • Use simple inquiry techniques to eliminate silence
  • Stimulate conversation that engages all, not a few
  • Efficiently use time with on-time starts and closings
  • Improve the quality of presented materials
  • Establish and delegate shared roles for meeting management
  • Stay on topic by mitigating disruptors and disruptions
  • Establish ground rules that guarantee participation
  • Create shared ownership through clear roles for all participants
  • Periodically check effectiveness
  • Engage the team in continuously improving the meeting experience


This interactive, experiential learning program is designed for live, virtual delivery with groups of 20 leaders from different roles, responsibilities and companies/organizations. Delivered in a 3-hour in-person or virtual workshop, our Spectator-Free training uses polls, chats, breakouts, exercises and discussions to keep participants engaged, actively learning and networking.

Included in this program are:

  • Remote hosting of all sessions on Dulye & Co.’s virtual training platform
  • One, 30-minute coordination/advance planning meeting session with the L&D leader from your organization
  • Promotional content for internal use in your organization
  • Review access to PowerPoint slides from the training program
  • A Never Have a Bad Meeting toolkit for participants to readily apply 
  • 2 hours of project management/administrative tasks supporting the planning, customization and execution of the training program
  • Development and management of customized, online program evaluation to be completed by participants
  • Compilation and packaging of evaluation results in a client report. 

To explore Dulye & Co.’s learning and development programs for your organization contact Linda Dulye, Dulye & Co. President, at