Conscious Connectivity©

Successfully Leading in Today's Hybrid Workplace with Conscious Connectivity©

The velocity of change and uncertainty in today’s dispersed work environment has dealt a crushing blow on engagement. Employees’ feelings of disconnect from the mission, goals and camaraderie of their organization are increasingly evident in the red ratings of culture surveys.  

Dulye & Co.’s lauded Conscious Connectivity© training serves as a game plan for rising, new and experienced leaders to:

  • create meaningful connections amidst the realities of remote work, busy schedules, burnout and blurred work-life boundaries
  • create supportive cultures where team members feel appreciated, heard and productive.



Armed with the 5I Conscious Connectivity© Model, leaders can inspire team members to actively share information, innovate with others, forge relationships and share ownership for the team’s performance. Our practical tools and ready-to-apply practices guide leaders to: 

  • Adopt a people-centric mindset and identify as the Chief Connection Officer of their team
  • Promote curiosity and knowledge exchanges through inquiry and active listening
  • Establish a cadence for 2-way communications in face-to-face, hybrid and remote environments
  • Create a safe, respectful team culture for employees to ask for help, discuss mistakes, offer support and express appreciation 
  • Stimulate conversations across work teams for sharing ideas, solving problems, recognizing accomplishments and improving continuously
  • Conduct regular performance check-ins that connect team members with company goals, values and professional development opportunities
  • Convey genuine empathy in words and actions for others’ well-being
  • Assess their effectiveness as a leader and coach.



This experiential professional development program is designed for in-person or live-virtual delivery with leaders from different roles, responsibilities, functions and levels within an organization. Our learning approach is localized and interactive. Customized training sessions engage every participant through polls, chats, breakouts, exercises and open discussions. A Conscious Connectivity© Action Plan sustains engagement as participants apply the 5I Model and evaluate their impact. 


For more information on how to improve your organization’s employee engagement, contact Linda Dulye, President/Founder, Dulye & Co.,

What Clients Are Saying About Conscious Connectivity©

  • "I really appreciate all the perspectives on how to build relationships and interaction, and keep it zesty."
  • "Linda's training sessions were great for how to engage employees and make them feel involved and appreciated."
  • "Love the energy and information Linda brings."
  • "This has made me aware of my weaknesses and given me tools to improve."
  • "This training made me aware that I am not alone in struggles–such as the overwhelming feelings of information overload. Receiving the training and learning productive ways to manage has raised my self-awareness and helped me to come up with solutions."
  • "I have been working on becoming a strong, supportive leader for over a year since being promoted. This has strengthened my commitment to myself and my team that I will do what I can to ensure they feel respected, valued and appreciated."
  • "The training with Linda is very engaging, upbeat and impactful."
  • "Provided a new perspective on how we should be interacting with our teams."
  • "It has helped me reassess how I connect and transmit information to my team so that it is more effective and useful, and adds value to our relationship and use of time."
  • "Easy to remember and implement with every interaction."
  • "Provides ways to be impactful and efficient with everyone's time."
  • "The training is engaging which helps with understanding. It allows for a broad level of participation."
  • "It has helped me with creating new ways of teaching and providing my staff with the information and tools they need. I have also been able to reflect on things that were in place prior to me being supervisor to see what works and what doesn't."
  • "The concepts are clear and simple; the breakout rooms allow us to get insight from other staff that we might not have received otherwise."
  • "Sometimes as a leader you feel that you are stuck and having an in-office/hybrid team can be difficult. This toolkit has shown me how to better serve my team and take a step back to actively listen, communicate better and make a better impact."