Conscious Connectivity

Conscious Connectivity: Essentials for Engaging Work Teams

With the “Great Resignation” taking hold of today’s workplace, managers need to be more intentional in their time and behavior for building meaningful connections and relationships with and between team members. Dulye & Co. helps managers rise to tackle the critical challenge of retention with our high-impact Conscious Connectivity© training.

Designed for instant applicability in hybrid, virtual and in-person environments, this interactive webinar will upgrade managers’ communication skills that foster human connections and their capabilities to lead as the Chief Connections Officer for their work teams.

Gain a 5-step model and support tools to: 

  • Adopt a people-centric mindset 
  • Promote curiosity and continuous learning through inquiry and active listening
  • Make it safe for employees to speak up, ask for help, discuss mistakes and offer support during check-ins, team meetings and other group exchanges
  • Stimulate conversations within and between teams for solving problems, sharing ideas and recognizing accomplishments
  • Convey genuine empathy in words and actions for team members’ well-being
  • Create a Spectator-Free Workplace™ where people want to stay.

Rally your company’s crusade for retention with this 90-minute training program, designed for live video delivery in a group of 20 participants from different levels and departments in a company or organization. Zoom hosting is included, plus a bonus Conscious Connectivity© action plan to readily apply the five-step engagement model. 

Linda Dulye and Dulye & Co.’s Conscious Connectivity© methodology are featured in Raymond James’ newsletter. Click here to read.