Conscious Connectivity

Successfully Leading in a Hybrid Workplace

Conscious Connectivity©

The current conditions of change and uncertainty gripping today’s pandemic ravaged work environment have dealt a crushing blow on culture and retention. Employees’ feelings of disconnect from the mission, goals and camaraderie of their organization have triggered record setting attrition–a trend now called the Great Resignation. 

The Great Resignation trend spares no industries. It does, however, present unprecedented growth opportunities for leaders.

Dulye & Co. helps leaders confidently navigate the dramatically altered landscape with our breakthrough Successfully Leading in a Hybrid Workplace training. Grounded in our exclusive Conscious Connectivity© model, this fresh learning experience guides rising, new and experienced leaders to:

  • create meaningful connections amidst the realities of remote work, social distancing, and blurred work-life boundaries–and,
  • create magnetic cultures where employees want to stay and thrive.


Designed to build the capabilities necessary to become more effective, our training boosts the skills and knowledge of leaders at all levels. 

Armed with a concrete game plan from our Conscious Connectivity© model, leaders can authentically engage team members to innovate and empower them to own the practices they perform in the new hybrid work environment. 

Our practical tools and ready-to-apply practices improve proficiencies for building a collaborative and inclusive environment where diverse views and voices uplift the daily conversation and advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) strategies. 

Training participants learn how to: 

  • Adopt the role of Chief Connection Officer and develop a people-centric mindset 
  • Promote curiosity and knowledge exchanges through inquiry and active listening
  • Effectively communicate in face-to-face and virtual environments
  • Create a safe and respectful environment for employees to speak up, ask for help, discuss mistakes, offer support and actively contribute in team meetings
  • Stimulate conversations within and between work teams for solving problems, sharing ideas,  recognizing accomplishments and improving continuously
  • Convey genuine empathy in words and actions for team members’ well-being
  • Create a fun and appreciative environment.



This interactive, experiential learning program is designed for live, virtual delivery with groups of 20 leaders from different roles, responsibilities and companies/organizations. Our Spectator-Free™ training practice uses polls, chats, breakouts, exercises and discussions to actively engage every participant.

Included in this program are:

  • Two, 60-minute virtual training sessions
  • Remote hosting of all sessions on Dulye & Co.’s virtual training platform
  • One, 30-minute coordination/advance planning meeting session with the L&D leader from your organization
  • Promotional content for internal use in your organization
  • Review access to PowerPoint slides used in learning sessions
  • A Conscious Connectivity© action plan for participants to readily apply the five-step leadership model
  • 2 hours of project management/administrative tasks supporting the planning and execution of the training program
  • Development and management of customized, online program evaluation to be completed by participants
  • Compilation and packaging of evaluation results in a client report. 

 To plan your training program contact Linda Dulye, President/Founder, Dulye & Co.,