What’s Your 2024 Mantra?

By Linda Dulye, President/Founder, Dulye & Co. and Dulye Leadership ExperienceI am an avid consumer of leadership blogs, articles and podcasts. Twenty-minute daily consumption supports my continuous learning routine.
The trending topic this month, not surprising, is goal setting. Takeaway messages underscore the importance of having tangible, measurable goals to give direction and purpose to your role as a vital contributor to the organization where you work and the community where you live.I encourage you to give pause to this cause. Make 2024 goal-setting a priority assignment to complete this month.Here’s my tip to get you going: Guide yourself with a simple mantra.Resist the temptation to bring up a clean screen and start typing a list. Begin this future-focused exercise by creating a rallying cry to keep you accountable and inspired.Experiment by pairing up a few words that spark your spirit. Two or three will do just fine. Recite them. Write them down. Sense them.Let your gut guide your final selection. Your mantra should feel good.Since 2008, I have pronounced one mantra. You’ve likely heard it or read it. I share it liberally during conversations, in correspondence and at every Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE) program. It has been an undeniable energy source.Keep soaring!My two-word rallying cry has stayed fresh by encouraging me during setbacks, empowering me when doubts prevail and elevating successes. It still makes me smile. Others, too!Keep soaring!After reviewing goals that I’ve set for the new year, I realize the luster of my seasoned mantra hasn’t faded. I’ll be proclaiming it as enthusiastically as ever.Keep soaring! That’s my beat for 2024. What’s yours?