Linda Dulye Crusades for Conversations on the “Morning Drive” Program

Today’s changing work culture and growing importance of connections for well-being are headline topics on the popular, community talk program, Morning Drive, on Friday, May 12 at 7:30 am with featured guest Linda Dulye, president of Dulye & Co. consulting firm and the Dulye Leadership Experience.The 60-minute program is live broadcasted on 89.7 WTBR-FM and simulcast on PCTV Select and Access Pittsfield channel 1301, with host, PCTV Executive Director Shawn Serre. Linda this month received the 2023 Girls Inc. She Knows Where She’s Going Award for serving as a role model with her community activism and philanthropy. She is an expert in creating Spectator-Free™ Workplaces through dynamic communication and engagement practices, and has launched the Crusade for Conversations campaign to strengthen social connections.The “Morning Drive” program showcases the latest information about the local politics, business, culture and entertainment of the Berkshire community.