Whether walking through an airport or a street in your community, there’s a similar sight to see: the tops of heads.Most people in foot motion today have their heads down and eyes affixed to their palms–the balancing platform for their cell phones. Our booming appetite for texting has created a downward head syndrome that negatively impacts our ability to have meaningful conversations. We simply aren’t skilled at comfortably looking outward.Work on changing that behavior with some simple, concrete actions. First, ease off-screen time on your mobile device. Take note of your weekly screen time consumption and set a goal to progressively reduce that amount.  Even a few minutes shaved off of weekly screen time can help you improve.Next, replace your downward head position by holding your head high. Practice looking out and seeing what’s around you–especially who’s around you. Fully consuming the visuals of your surroundings is great practice for engaging eye-to-eye in conversation.