Our Story

Dulye & Co. has transformed many of the world’s most-admired companies with its one-of-a-kind approach called Spectator-Free Workplace™

Our award-winning communication and change-management practices have contributed to double-digit improvements in productivity, cost savings and employee engagement. We create practical and efficient solutions using our own Core4™ fundamentals:
  • Workplace Communications Programs – open, direct practices that help employees to speak up with ideas and insight to improve your business
  • Employee Engagement – collaborative action team programs that develop talent, erode cynicism, and empower employees to develop and implement solutions to operational and organizational issues
  • Professional Skills Development – on-the-job learning that uses SharePoint and other web-based platforms to improve the skills and accountability of managers as communicators
  • Real-time Measurement and Dashboards – ongoing, unobtrusive data collection and visual scoreboards that allow business leaders to see and leverage the value and impact of communications
Rolls-Royce adopted our Spectator-Free Workplace™ practices to convert a change-challenged workplace into a winning one. In less than two years, the company showed impressive gains: a 16 percent increase in operating income, a 19 percent reduction in labor hours in one product line, and a staggering error reduction rate of 400 percent in another division. Improvements in communication effectiveness yielded more trust, less fear of speaking up, and a better grasp of the big picture. In fact, an employee-managed feedback program contributed to millions of dollars in cost savings.

Our groundbreaking Manager as Communicator™ program has repeatedly won the prestigious Quill Award from the International Association of Business Communicators, and has made headlines in major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Industry Week.

We’ve had the honor to partner with leading organizations in government and the private sector, including: Lockheed Martin • Cardinal Health • Rogers Telecommunications • Trane • DRS Technologies • Bobcat • Mercury Marine • CIGNA • Thermo-Fisher Scientific • Merck • Ingersoll-Rand • Ethicon • Army Corps of Engineers • Dunkin’ Donuts • Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport • Infineon Technologies • Chrysler Financial • Scott Fire & Safety Products • Environmental Protection Agency • Center for Disease Control • Quest Diagnostics • US Federal Reserve.

  • We get results: Our programs are tied directly to your business strategy — and demonstrate measurable impact on quality, cash flow, talent development and productivity.
  • We believe in measurement: Our work is driven by data and process discipline. We know social media and we use it extensively in surveys and polls for the real-time tracking of employee attitudes and actions in the workplace. Our online dashboards make it easy to understand and apply the results to manage your business better.
  • We are diversified: We are a small firm with big capabilities and top-notch talent. We size-up and respond to the needs of a company with speed and efficiency.
  • We want you to own our solutions: We help you create internal partnerships with front-line employees and lines of business to sustain the improvements that we design for your organization.