Leadership Development Services: New Manager Assimilation Program

Clear the Air and Get on Common Ground with Your Team, Quickly

A new manager’s success is elevated by making early and powerful connections with her team. By establishing common ground through open discussion of the changes and uncertainty that accompany her arrival, the work team can regroup and move ahead—motivated by a new voice and face at the helm.

That’s the focus of Dulye & Co.’s New Manager Assimilation Program. Using two-way communication tools, safe-to-speak-up feedback techniques and expert facilitation, we help a new manager quickly break the ice with team members, improve their communication style and establish rapport.

Our approach:

  • Makes it safe for all participants to speak up with concerns, questions, issues and ideas
  • Creates greater understanding between team members and the manager about goals, roles, responsibilities, work styles, expectations, and shared accountability
  • Sets the stage for ongoing, two-way communication and collaboration
  • Enables the leader and team members to constructively discuss and resolve issues that are getting in the way of performance
  • Promotes respect through a mutual learning experience
  • Restores morale and productivity.

The outcome of the program is greater understanding of each other—the new manager learns more about team members and vice versa—and a clear plan of action for working together toward common goals.

Here’s what we do:

  •  Anonymously poll team members using Dulye & Co.’s secure, online, proprietary platform with insightful questions about:
  • their new manager’s style, interests, expectations and goals
  • concerns and questions about changes being experienced by the team
  • opportunities and ideas for working better together
  • Compile and analyze the unfiltered team feedback
  • Review, in a one-on-one session, the team feedback with the new manager and coach her/him on how to address team members’ questions, concerns, issues and ideas using Dulye & Co.’s innovative 4R Communication Model
  • Bring together the new manager and team members in an informal, facilitated roundtable session that promotes an open exchange and honest discussion of matters of importance to the team and the manager
  • Develop—with the collective support of the team and the manager—an action plan for moving forward together based on ideas and agreement aired during the roundtable.

Come together now with your team! To get started contact Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., bpierce@dulye.com or 708-788-6204.