Leadership Development

Dulye & Co. is excited about helping you to improve the listening and communication skills of managers at all levels through our Spectator-Free Workplace™ 2-Way Communications Training Program.

  • Founded on simple techniques and ready-to-apply tools, this developmental program offers:
  • 2-way communications processes and tools adapted for your organization and work environment;
  • Classroom and multi-media training to build competency in 2-way communications skills;
  • Real-time measurement of the effectiveness and impact of manager-employee communications.

Our experienced team uses a six-step model to develop customized training that aligns with your organization’s management development programs and business requirements. We will:

1. Seek Support

Use data to gain support of senior leaders for using 2-way communications processes.

2. Determine WIIFM

Listen to the business goals and results needed.

3. Conduct Training

Provide managers with foundational 2-way communications concepts, practices and tools.

4. Apply Processes & Tools

Apply 2-way communication practices and tools within the business to drive results.

5. Measure & Adapt

Teach accountability through measurement to drive employee understanding, engagement, and results.

6. Refresh Skills

Provide refresher training and resources to build on 2-way communication skills and practices.

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