Use Vacation Time to Broaden Your Professional Network


Here's a quick exercise that will enhance your summer vacation. Write down the names of your top 10 professional contacts. Now evaluate the diversity of your group by focusing on a few basics like job, industry and experience. Assess as well by age, gender and ethnicity.

What do you see? 

Is Organizational Structure Stifling Your Workplace Communications?


Surprise! Organizational structures are getting denser!

Managerial employment in the US workforce expanded by 90% between 1983 and 2014, according to research reported this month in the Harvard Business Review. Meanwhile, employment in other occupations increased less than 40% during that same period. 

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Are You Suffering From LAHI?

Riding my bike this morning, I passed a bus stop where commuters were in cue, lined up single file and waiting. What instantly struck me was that all ten people were doing the exact same thing. Their heads were down, and their eyes and fingers were affixed to their cellphones. Complete silence. No one was talking with anyone inches away.

Stop Asking Employees for Their Feedback


That's sound advice for countless companies with leaders who genuinely aren't interested in associates' comments or really don't know how to hear them. Asking for feedback without ready and able leaders is a surefire way to destroy trust, morale and relationships.

Before you conduct another engagement survey or focus session to canvass employees' input, spend time preparing leaders to comfortably and confidently receive direct feedback—the bad and the good—and respond.

Dulye & Co. has trained thousands of executives, managers and supervisors in two-way communication techniques that:

  • relate important information
  • improve listening
  • stimulate conversations
  • promote shared learning
  • build personal confidence.

Our newest program—Communication Essentials for New Managers—is specifically tailored to help aspiring and first-time managers effectively connect with direct reports and motivate them to high performance.

Our in-person workshops and web-based seminars feature reality-based exercises that sharpen critical communication skills and practical tools that instantly transfer to the workplace.  And we track progress and accountability to sustain every manager’s development.

Find out more about our Spectator-Free Workplace™ Training Programs from Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., bpierce@dulye.com or 708-788-6204. 

Communication 101: Keep Practicing


In less than 60 seconds President & Founder Linda Dulye shares simple tips that will enhance your communication skills.

Linda Dulye to present at alma mater


Linda Dulye, a Syracuse University '77 grad, is heading back to her alma mater to present at her very own College of Arts & Sciences, to students interested in learning how to translate their liberal arts education into career success. During her interactive session, "Get Hired: Pump Up The Power of You and Your Liberal Arts Degree," Linda will address students on how to:

  • Craf their career story
  • Position their liberal arts education as a positive for prospective employers
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Overcome career search challenges

Linda is also the founder of the Dulye Leadership Experience at Syracuse University--a skills-centric, professional development program for creating globally competitive, career-ready students. A passionate SU alumna with deep family ties to Syracuse University, Linda wanted to give back to her alma mater in a truly unique way. The program was launched in 2008, and today claims nearly 100 graduates and more than 25 faculty members.

Dulye is part of a rich family legacy at Syracuse University. The Carrier Dome Press Box is named in honor of her journalist father, Raymond J. Dulye (SU ’31). Linda’s brother, Raymond Jr., was a 1971 graduate of SU. Linda is on the faculty of SU’s Winston Fisher Seminar and serves as an adviser to the Syracuse University Athletics Department and Athletics Director Dr. Daryl Gross.

“I take great pride in my Orange roots and the opportunity to give back and make a difference,” says the Warwick, N.Y., resident, who is an active philanthropist and supporter of various local, state and national animal rescue causes.

Job Shopping? Six Tips for Building a Strong Network


Building a strong network should be a work-day constant.

New opportunities can arise anywhere and anytime─in a lunch line, on the train home or when placing your morning latte order. 

Dulye & Co. president and founder Linda Dulye teams up with a networking guru to offer six practical tips in her latest Fox Business Column for making great people connections.


5 Tips to Overcome the Post-Vacation Blues

Summer vacations and long weekends are a good thing. They offer important downtime for staff to recharge and refocus. But the shift from beach cabana to office cubicle is often a struggle. 
Here are 5 ways to help team members quickly shed post-vacation blues and get back in the groove of work: 

Conquering the Workplace, One Cup of Coffee at a Time


Networking is not about how many connections you have on social media, or sending an email. Using technology is easier and faster, but there’s nothing like that personal connection of sitting across from someone over a coffee.  

Take it from Eddie Walter, who upon graduating last Spring made it his goal to connect with as many people as possible at his new employer, JP Morgan Chase,“Doors and opportunities open when people get to know you, and that can’t happen through a few lines of email,” says Eddie during an interview with Dulye & Co. President Linda Dulye. 

Since then, Eddie has had over 200 cups of coffee with employees across the organization.

Become a networking superstar like Eddie using his 6-step strategy in 
Linda's latest SpectatorFree Blog featured on Fox Business

Staff Turnover: 4 Tips to Ready You for a NEW Reality of the 2014 Workplace

How ready are you to address or possibly avert the challenge of staff turnover? Four tips to help you lead and learn.