2-Way Communications

Dulye & Co. offers a powerful, comprehensive Effective 2-Way Communications™ training program is designed to provide new hires, front-line associates, managers and leaders with knowledge and proficiency in workplace communication techniques and skills.

At the core of our 2-Way Communications Training program is an easy-to-remember, easy-to-use model that focuses on the 4 key elements of the best workplace communications. The big four are Relay, Relate, Receive and Respond. Here's how they add up to real conversations:

  • Relay: (CHANNEL) How and when to use media—from face-to-face meetings to instant messaging
  • Relate: (MESSAGES) How to make information meaningful and useful for your work group
  • Receive:(FEEDBACK) How to ask questions and encourage others to speak up directly
  • Respond:(FOLLOW-UP) How to actively listen to and respond to feedback in ways that demonstrate respect and advance improvement ideas

Together, the 4Rs promote conversations that build the kind of relationships essential for getting results!

Our Effective 2-Way Communications™ courses are offered in half-day, full-day and two-day segments. Course completion will equip every manager with:

  • Understanding of your role and responsibilities as a key communicator – and how 2-Way Communications can make your job easier
  • Techniques for leading effective conversations – and efficient staff meetings
  • Communications tools that improve listening – and encourage others to speak up
  • Tips for eliminating filters that distort messages – and encourage timely feedback
  • A Personal Communications Plan for use on the job – and to support a professional development plan

In addition to classroom training, we offer on-the-job tools that sustain knowledge and skills through Quarterly Refresher Sessions and a web-based, e-toolkit.

Contact Liz Smithers, lsmithers@dulye.com, for more information.